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  1. Hi, I've just acquired a B40 that isn't a trials bike but has been modified a bit for green laning. I'm intending to have a go at a few trials even though I know the geometry, frame, footrests etc. won't be ideal but it's just for fun right. Anyway it really needs a rebore but is already on plus .060. The head is also not very good so I am looking for a complete top end if anyone knows of one that may be for sale. Ideally one that I could just put on and go but beggers can't be choosers so anything considered if it wasn't going to cost the earth to put right. It is a late B40G engine. Thanks, Keith.
  2. victor

    Rear brake plate

    SS, Sounds like a plan. I'll find a welder and give it a go. Keith.
  3. victor

    Rear brake plate

    Thanks SS. First off the drum is worn and the shoes are now on their way to Villiers for the thicker linings. The Quadrant spindle has slight wear but not too bad. There was no chain link on the pivot posts, just a circlip on each. I'll ask around to see if anyone does small one off tig welding jobs locally. Is the post a press fit into the plate? If so that would need sorting as it just drops out at the moment. Maybe I'm being overly cautious but I still think I would prefer a good used one on such a critical component though. Feetup, Thanks for the offer and I will certainly keep you in mind but if I can't get mine successfully repaired I will hopefully, as you say, be able to find a replacement in this country. Postage from Australia could possibly make it a bit expensive. Keith.
  4. victor

    Rear brake plate

    I have just been cleaning the rear brake plate on my late 60s Sherpa and noticed that one of the boss' for the brake shoe pin is cracked in 3 places. I don't know whether the wheel is original to the bike so pic of plate I suppose it may be possible to get it welded but I think I would be happier with a better one. Thanks, Keith.
  5. victor

    New bike

    Thanks OTF and Jon, sounds like good advice. As for a twinshock it would still need to be a proper bike with right hand gear lever, I think right foot braking would be too much for my brain now. I'm also a 4 stroke man at heart even though that's going to narrow the search quite a bit. I'm sure cub's are quite capable but look a bit small for my + size so then onto C15's or 250 Enfield or something like that. I did actually look at a couple of C15's a bit ago but up close it was obvious they were home converted road bikes and not that well done, hence the thoughts of building my own and asking for advice on what parts to look out for. I'll start having another good look for a suitable complete bike, even if it wants tidying or whatever. Also if anyone knows of anything that might fit the bill I'd appreciate a heads up. Thanks, Victor.
  6. victor

    New bike

    Hello all, I'd like to build a pre-unit trials bike and am looking for any help and info on what would be the best way to go in regards to what make and parts to start hunting down. I'd prefer something either Ariel or AJS based but could consider others such as Triumph twin or Norton. So any advice on suitable engines, frames, etc. that are sometimes available (for not stupid money) would be greatly appreciated. I am not on a budget as such but neither would I want to pay a kings ransom for every part and end up with a bike that wasn't worth half of the build cost. I may as well just buy a nice bike to start with, which I would do but they don't seem to come up for sale very often, hence the thoughts turning to building one. I have been riding classic scrambles for nearly 50 years but it's starting to hurt when I fall off now so even though I'm sure I'll still fall off in a trial at least I wont be going as fast. Thanks, Victor.
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