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  1. Climber fork oil

    Since I'm striking out trying to find the correct volume of oil to use, does it seem wise to find a comparable sized bike, with comparable sized forks, and use that volume to hopefully get close?
  2. Climber fork oil

    Nice, thanks! I'll bookmark that.
  3. Climber fork oil

    Hi all, I recently picked up an old '94 Climber 280 for pretty cheap. As such, it's needed a fair amount of work. As you all already know, information on these bikes seems to be pretty scarce. I just finished rebuilding the forks, but I am unsure as to how much fork oil to refill them with; any recommendations? Also, I heard that 5-7.5W is probably correct; does that sound right? If anyone has a good line on where to buy parts for these bikes, I would really appreciate it. I made an air filter and rear brake clevis, but would rather buy the correct parts. Thanks, Nick