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  1. Thanks all - I will replace with similar just need to find a good welder now.
  2. That is a good point scifi. Considering that they all break would indicate it is under more load than it can handle. So either it is bracing the frame / stopping vibration and is under designed - and needs replacing or it is only stopping fingers and doesn't.
  3. Thanks for your comments - have you any pics?
  4. Evening All I am I'm the process of starting a rebuild and note the cross strap/brace between the left hand side frame tubes above the pegs has broken. Looking at other TYs this seems to be a common problem and as such there is clearly a load at that point. What is the best fix - weld up as is, replace with a stronger gusset, or remove? If welded it may break again which would be annoying after powder coating so am tempted to replace with a stronger gusset. However this may send load elsewhere in the frame. Has anyone any thoughts or experience? Interestingly the brace/stop light bracket on the other side doesn't seem to suffer the same problem.
  5. Thanks Scifi TY has not run for a few years and needs a bit of work but is mostly all there. Plan is to do a strip and rebuild but not going silly. Will powder coat frame and fit new bushes, bearings and plastics as necessary. Engine seems sound but will have a look when out. I do have a few queries and will post these as I get into them. Looking forward to getting into garage.
  6. Hi All Last rode trials 25+ years ago and have since kept eye in with a bit of trail riding. However am losing interest in trail riding as lanes disappearing fast and so fancied a return to trials. Have purchased a TY with a view to going twinshock and this forum has come up on a few Googlings so thought I'd sign up.
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