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  1. batteryless kit harder to start

    thanks yeh def sounds like it ,the nz dealer read this post and has got in touch im pretty happy about that and looking forward to getting it sorted cheers
  2. batteryless kit harder to start

    o yeh im pretty new to trials riding and love the bike to bits ,yip it def starts easier starting exactly it like you say but knowing how easy this started before the upgrade just would make me happier if it started like it used to ,i change the plug every couple of rides there only $5 so i bought half dozen .im running it 25ml per 5. l i did try 150:1 and kept clogging the plug.thanks every one for your help
  3. 2018 Vertical 300 maps

    i purchased the bike second hand and the guy already had most of the batteryless system installed .all i had to do was put the last bit in ,never really had a problem with the pushing the battery button ,it started so easy until the button thing left me stranded 7k's in the bush pushing the thing until 4am in the darkness it turned out to be the 9v battery connection ,
  4. batteryless kit harder to start

    hi the dealer done most of the work all i did was the last bit installing the little cdi box and the capicitor looking thing .i not to sure on how to check the map/firmware on the computer i might have to book it in
  5. batteryless kit harder to start

    haha yip i also have a 2006 scopra as well starts first kick everytime
  6. batteryless kit harder to start

    hi all i have a 2016 300 camo bloody awesome bike ,the bike was very easy to start before i had the battery-less kit installed ,1 or 2 kicks when cold and 1 kick everytime when its warm now with the battery-less kit it takes 6 to 12 kicks to start when its cold and 2 to 8ish kicks to start when its warm , the dealer in new zealand told me that he updated the computer but was a while ago ,is there anything i can do or try to make this better .i cant turn it back to the battery way i had to send part of the old system in exchange cheers for any help thanks mike
  7. hi guys

    yeh doesn't seem to be much of a trials scene here I think Hamilton would be the closest i might head along to an event there to see what its all about .I managed to con a mate to get trials bike as well ,and working on converting a couple other mates into trials that I ride with.i ended up with a scorpa sy250 2006 it has a couple of small issues but all in all pretty good ,you wouldn't happen to no if any body has parts for these in nz.the gasgas I bought was way to hard to start just would of taken the fun out of it for me
  8. hi guys

    I'm from Auckland ,doesn't seem to be any active clubs in Auckland
  9. melted coil lead and top end rattle

    hi I just bought a 2006 sy250 I got it has a couple of probs the coil lead is melted on the head ,it has melted the rubber but not thru to the wires I have taped it up for now can I replace the lead or do I have to replace the coil as well ? the top end has a rattle it seems worse when its cold idle ,doesn't seem that bad once warm .I will pull it down and inspect the barrel/piston this week it is a bit hard to start when its cold,cleaned the airbox had a lot of crap in there the filter was filthy , cleaned the carb it had a lot of crap in there mostly in the choke, air screw is only 1/4 turn out ,replaced spark plug ,choke on takes anything up to 20 kicks when cold to start ,,once warm it starts first kick ,once warm leave it for 5 min and will take 3 kicks , I don't no trials bikes at all but the spark is white but the spark seems very small {compared to a dirt bikes spark} I will check all the earths on the bike and sort the melted lead, the exhaust is chocka block with crud I will attempt to burn it out this arvo not sure if that has anything to do with cold starting I'm totally new to trials had a life time on dirt bikes,i had my first day trials riding yesterday on this and its the most fun iv had on a bike in along time any help would be appreciated cheers
  10. hi guys

    thanks mate ,iv got to master the how to start the bike part first haha,just a casual thousand or so kicks today and got it started 5 times runs really nice when it does but yeh needed a few beers after all that kicking ,hopefully I can sort this out and get out there
  11. hi guys

    hi guys my names willy I'm from new Zealand ,iv just bought my first trials bike 2005 gasgas txt pro 300. it arrives 2moro and I cant bloody wait to give trials ago Iv never tried trials ,iv done a lot of general dirt bike riding