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  1. H123

    BSA C15

    Fair enough, cheers chaps.
  2. H123

    BSA C15

    Ok so it's a 1963 frame on the log book but I don't think it is the original engine so not sure on the age or how to date it. Another reason I went for a full bike is to get it Road registered but I'm sure someone will tell me I can do that with bits too. I was trying to keep costs low but I was clearly deluded! Not sure what to do know especially with old trials fantics comment. I guess I've made a rookie mistake. Ultimately all I was aiming for was a bike I could build myself, enter the odd trial for fun, play in the woods and go to the local for a pint on. Another crossroad to decide which Road to take.
  3. H123

    BSA C15

    Thanks yes 18 rear, my head is a bit full from so much research and easily confused! I fancied the challenge of the full build rather than buying a finished one although I researched alot I only realised the drawbacks of a road frame conversion when it was in my garage on bits and staring at me. Oh well, I'm sure I can turn it onto something reasonable.
  4. H123

    BSA C15

    Hi all, so I have ended up with a C15 Road bike in my garage ready to convert into a trials bike. I realise that it will never be as good as an Otter or Drayton framed bike but it's all I've got to play with at present. So what I want to low is what hubs do I use to get laced to the 19 rear and 21 front rims, do I use the C15 hubs that I have or do I use something different? Do I use the C15 forks or enter the minefield of Fork / yoke /wheel options? Bearing in mind I would like to maybe upgrade to an Otter / Drayton frame one day. Im sure this has been asked to death so sorry for this but I need a shove in the right direction. The last bike I had was a Gasgas 300 but I fancied a British 4 stroke project. Thanks in advance.
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