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  1. Sherco 250 Fuel starvation?

    Hi, yep banjo is clear. Stripped carb down and blown all jets through with compressed air and passed wire through them. Put a full new seal kit on the carb and tried again and its all the same. Will start on choke but soon as you turn choke off it wont run on 1/4 throttle or full. Just bogs and dies off.
  2. Power to HT lead but no spark

    Just an update for you all. Turned out to be the CDI breaking down as described by section swept. Bought a new one and it fired first time. Must have not been able to generate the 000's volts it required to make a spark. Getting the stator rewound must have also helped because the throttle response now is so much better, its not always trying to stall when you are going very slow in gear. thanks for the help!
  3. Sherco 250 Fuel starvation?

    Hi All, Sherco 2004 250 Dellorto carb Bikes been running like a dream, until recently, after a fast 5 gear run it started to bog down and then cut out. Tried to start it again and it wouldn't start. Tried it with choke and it started, just wouldn't tick over as if the pilot jet was choked. Gave it a few revs and it cleared up ok. Anyway stripped the carb out of interest to empty the float bowl and found nothing, all jets clear. Next outing it seems to have got worse. It will start ok first time, run for 30 seconds then bogs and dies, leave it 30 seconds and its starts again and does the same. As if its a fuel restriction that is starving the bowl from filling up fast enough. Checked fuel pipe, inlet carb fuel filter, flow from fuel tank, pilot jet, main jet, fuel air mixture, idle screw, floats for getting stuck, inlet needle all free and good seal and not sticking. After re-assembly it now wont start or run on anything other than choke. So in my mind the only thing left is a big air leak somewhere (replaced big end seals months ago and run fine, used viton) but everything looks fine. Anyone else had this issue? Scratching the noggin for sure, bloody bikes..
  4. Power to HT lead but no spark

    By ignition coil do you mean the CDI or the stator? I've tried several different plug caps so cant be that. Unfortunaly not that year of bike, my friends got a 2003 but it uses the ducati ignition so its a no go there. Looks like i'm going to have to just buy a new one CDI i think. It has had a new one in the past. The guy i bought it off gave me the old one but i cant remeber why he said he had changed it.
  5. Power to HT lead but no spark

    Hi, Hopefully someone can help, bike is a sherco 250 2004 (leonelli ignition). Had a couple of issues with it previously not starting when hot, typical problems that point towards the stator going caput. However out running a few weeks ago and it was ticking over fine after running for few hours then it just slowly starts to die and cuts out. Since then I've not managed to make it run again. Checked everything I can think off, looking at previous forums etc etc. Carb has been stripped several times, thats clean, put a bigger pilot jet in to a 36 instead of 32 which is supposed to ease the starting. Tried several different new plugs, no joy. Sent stator away to Steve at Motoplat, had the typical issue as all the others apparently and was repaired. Checked all earthing and thats good, the only thing I haven't tried is putting a new CDI unit on. I can't find any previous forums or advise that anyone has had issues before with the CDI's, only the stators. If you put an inline spark plug bulb on the bike and kick it off it faintly lights, so faintly you need to have the garage lights off to see it light. But it will not produce a spark. Losing the will to keep investigating and reluctant to spend £130 on a new CDI if its not going to fix it. Any help greatly appreciated as its getting the weather to get out there!!