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  1. Daniel

    Thank you for the info . It has been a while getting back on due to my illness but I hope to be able to do more in the future . Many Thanks Dan
  2. Daniel

    I have met a lot of nice people in my life , but believe me I have met a lot of low life oxygen thieves as well . They are the ones I walk away from and hope I never cross their paths again in my life . You know the ones who shake your hand with a smile while they stab you in the back at the same time . In all my years on this earth I have enjoyed helping others if I can or at least have a go or point them in the right direction . I have been in bad situations and the kindness of people never leave me and gives me faith in mankind . But alas I feel that mankind is loosing the humanity in ones self . As the old saying goes , it takes less effort to smile than it does to grimace and makes you feel better in yourself knowing .
  3. Daniel

    Ha Ha yep I suppose there is .and I guess that there is some people over there don't like what the Ausies did and let me tell you I am with them with that one . They got cought doing it and how many others have not in various teams !!. In saying that regardless to who it is the should be disqualified from the test for that round all together . Regardless to who they are and what team it is . I feel let down by our players and ashamed to a point as well . i am still trying to work the site out but in time I will get it . I hope that when I call for help people remember that I was not on the team playing and cheating . All are equal and should be treated accordingly . Any way have a great day and keep well . Regards Dan
  4. Daniel

    Hi I am new to this forum and I don't know what I doing and hope I am in the correct section !! If not well there you go . I got myself a Montesa Cota 247 and know next to nothing about trials / trail / dirt / 2 stroke bikes . I may annoy you a bit asking simple questions to you but I will be lost . I am doing the front forks now and I have been told 200 ml of 10 wt oil . There was 150 ml in each leg when I emtied them out so I am taking notice of a comment on this forum of 200 ml and 10 wt oil . I suspect that the crank seal's need doing so when I get to that stage I will be yelling out " HELP ME PLEASE " I am in Sydney Australia so maybe there is some one close to me . Also is there a parts supplier in Sydney when I need parts as well . Until you hear me scream out , take care . Dan