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  1. Thanks yes it will be a bit of work but its going to be so worth it .and the memory's I all ready have from my first RL have been so worth it even if I never ride it which I will be riding this I have almost all the parts just waiting for the bearings for the transmission and crank then I can put the motor together. and start on the frame then bolt it back together.
  2. Hi everyone I'm new to the site and I just rescued a 1974 RL 250 from a old motorcycle wrecking yard here in Washington state. A little back story the very first dirt bike I bought from a dealer ship was a 1974 RL 250 Exacta that the owner of the Suzuki dealership turned it into a enduro for enduro racing the things he changed were the Tank to a TM tank and put a TM seat on it and he also Put Knobby tires instead of the trials tires. It was a great bike i could do anything and go anywhere on that bike I will try to up load some photos of my old RL 250. anyway back to the wrecking yard rescue I happened into this wrecking yard looking for parts for my buddy that is building a drag bike out of IT 490 and I seen this RL sitting there so I inquired about it and he wanted $400 for it so my mind said how about I trade you a 1977 Hodaka 250 for the RL and to my amazement he said yes so I now own this bike and I am trying to restore it, it was missing a few items and the motor was stuck I know it will never be what it was when it was new but I figured I could duplicate the bike I had when I was 17 and let my grandson ride a real bike before he gets on a new bike I had a lot of great memory's on that RL 250 and now that Im 59 maybe riding it will make me feel like Im 17 again LOL . any way I will post update of restoring this great Bike. the first photo is me On my First RL 250 in 1975 the other five is the bike in the wrecking yard and the tear down for restoration of the Wrecking yard bike.
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