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  1. I’ve had my Sherpa for about 3 weeks...never had a trials bike before. Where is a good source to find a primary cover (also, is there a place I could find a part number...I imagine that primary cover was used for multiple models?). Would also like to find a clyinder...I’ve got some broken fins on mine.
  2. Thanks guys. The reason I couldn't find the primary drain plug is because it was apparently sheared off in this bike's past life. The hole had been filled with what looks like epoxy. I wound up using my brake bleeder vacuum pump to suck the fluid from the primary. Not really happy to find a patched hole in the primary.
  3. Here is what I can’t figure out what it is...the plug with the flat blade screwdriver head.
  4. I removed two of the screws on the bottom of the clutch primary case and they were not drain screws. There is a screw on the bottom of the left side case, underneath...is that what you are referring to...it’s about the size of a nickel and has a flat blade screwdriver slit in the head?
  5. Just bought a ‘73 Sherpa 350 model 92. Changing fluids and can’t figure out how to drain clutch fluid...need help.
  6. Just bought a '73 Bultaco Sherpa. Never ridden a trials bike before, so lots to learn about Bultacos and trials riding.
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