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  1. Thank you people- indeed they aren't bushed, turns out it's my fault and hadn't checked they were running true from the yokes down, yokes were a bit twisted and they were very slightly wide at the top which transferred to being tight on the wheel hub, also an acurate oil measure for both legs is a school boy error- there's still a fair bit of slap in the lower legs but they 40 years old I guess?
  2. Hi all, so? Ty80 forks were knackered so in the usual spirit of repair rather than source a replacement which are often as knackered as the ones I've got i sent them off for Re chrome, straighten and rebuild with new seals. It took months to get them back, so all looked good till the first ride and son says they are locking? They are not moving up and down? When completely compressed back in the garage they knock side to side so I diagnose worn bushes, are these still available and from previous threads I see you can remove the spring clip and slidehammer the whole lot out? But there's a screw in the bottom of the fork leg which I thought held the whole lot together? I don't want to damage them so poss thinking about local bike shop? (Usually very good, old style bike mechanics)any info would be handy, sorry for the long thread but they cost a fortune so far?
  3. mr-belcher

    ty80 forks

    Seems sacrilege to graft Chinese copies onto the ty, I'll get them Re chromed,.
  4. mr-belcher

    ty80 forks

    Cheers guys, the pw50 are way too short feet up fun, but the pw80 look really close, length is about right and with a quick tape measure rhe ty forks came up about 25mm so pw80 at 26mm is dam close, very little mod needed- the location of the spindle is off set in front of the forks where as the ty is in line at the end of the fork leg so how much this may alter the trail and rake I'm not sure but dam close, cheers mcman56, see if I can source a UK supplier, stripping forks is something I've not attempted and bit wary of- Iknow you guys don't need me to say this but ty80 what a beautiful bike for a kid to learn on, my dad never got me one in the 70s and getting this for my lad is as much for me as for him,. Cheers all much help.
  5. mr-belcher

    ty80 forks

    Hi people, my lads mini ty80 fronts forks are in need of Re chroming , not a problem- but not cheap, has any one grafted the very available pw50 forks onto a ty80, the pw forks come up 21mm but I think the ty are wider? A will have to get a micrometer one day but just thought I'd put it out there to see if anyone wants to save me work of hours of research.
  6. Greetings all, recently got my son a ty 80 to learn on and he's getting on well, got a bike to ride with him and got my first trials bike, 2001 txt 250. Can't wait for the weekend!
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