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  1. I do also have a standard 250cc engine, restored and ready to go!
  2. Not sure, I will ask my dad.. I’m guessing the crank is dynasties as he wanted a push button bike!
  3. You are right, the engine has the dynastart ignition cover. My old man thought it might be nice in his dotage to have an electric start bike!
  4. As promised - some pics... I've pulled together the one that is most obvious in terms of bits. The engine isn't the correct one for this frame... the right one is on my work bench, fully overhauled and ready to go... The final pic is the banana forks off the scrambler... I could see the engine pictured in that!
  5. Trialsarefun, iIm trying to message you but it says you do not accept messages? Is this a me being a newb problem?
  6. Thank you both, i'm off tomorrow so will message the frame numbers and take a few photos... TBH Section Swept that was exactly the way I was going to approach it. I will try to post pictures and lets see where that takes us!
  7. A lot of sense there trialsrfun. You are quite right and have covered most of my concerns. If I go down this route, it would need to be an enthusiast who appreciates the marque. As for building one and riding it, I already have my dads old bike (it's quite interesting - with a couple of works mods). I don't need four! My other option is to sell the bits individually but I thought it would be nice to make them back into bikes though.
  8. Thank you, that's exactly the sort of useful help I was looking for.. Cheers!!
  9. Hello I am a new member who has just obtained a garage full of Greeves parts from my father (who has decided, he's never going to get the bikes built!) He collected over many years and always bought stuff that hadn't been hacked about. There are the makings of at leasts three bikes (two Scottish trials and one Hawkstone Scrambler with banana forks). When I say makings, I mean 2 complete Villiers engines, plenty of parts to make a third, tanks, frame parts etc... Missing parts are things like exhausts, rims, mudguards and control gear... all stuff that should be available new. The problem I have is that I have never been as mechanically adept as my old man and was hoping to find someone to help turn them into bikes for me... My initial thoughts were to try and find someone reasonably close (I am near Leeds) who I could liaise with and help where I could with the builds... obviously the finer points would need discussion but I was thinking of offering up one of the finished bikes as payment for the work on the other two... Obviously, there is still additional costs involved but my aim would be to get to a point where the whole deal is fair for both parties - given a nicely restored early 1960's Greeves is now well north of £3k, this opportunity may be of interest to someone! So if you are interested, relatively local and have the knowledge and contacts to get this done... please drop me a line! I will look to post up some pictures later... Richard
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