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  1. Sorted b40 and majesty done it with a impact screwdriver, didn't try your idea petert Thanks for reply's regards les
  2. Hi all trying to change seals on front forks but when turning bottom a hex bolt, damper rod is turning as well, looking down the fork top of rod doesn’t appear to have any way of stopping it turning I:e hex key etc, Any ideas Thanks Les
  3. Les56

    Yamaha ty250a

    Thanks for all advice, x11’s It is gonna be with confidence
  4. Les56

    Yamaha ty250a

    Hi I’ve been doing up 1974 ty 250 last couple of years and come to the tyre part, not sure which way to go, original rims, but would like a road legal tyre if possible. Would like to put on x11’s but not sure about trimming off locating bead on tyre any help welcome
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