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  1. bfaucett

    part out or fix?

    Just talked to a carbon fiber guy. He's going to skin my seat and make a full carbon repo for 300. Is interested in getting a new seat for $200 while he has the mold?
  2. bfaucett

    part out or fix?

    I have but it starts with the motor. Most expensive part. I just sold a crf150r motor for 200 less than I had invested after full rebuild. The ossa is hard either way. Zero market for project bike, might get 1k. As parts might get 2k. Luckily most parts are universal for trials bikes beyond being branded. Could easily get 2500 quickly after being fixed. I wouldn't part if I couldn't get 1k quickly
  3. bfaucett

    part out or fix?

    I would loose far more selling it as a project than fixing it so that's not even close to an option Sorry I fixed it. Meant to say can be fixed easily. Doing a janky repair is also an option or having a custom carbon replacement made is as well
  4. bfaucett

    part out or fix?

    Trying to decide if I should part out or fix my 12 280i. Broke the seat and can't find a replacement except 13+ which requires new fender and graphics as well. Also broke a pin in the shift shaft which can be fixed reasonably. Would probably have $600+ in fixing. Everything else is in great condition. what do you guys suggest? how much do you think I could recoup in parts?
  5. I'm a newbie and my bike seems to be geared a bit higher than other bikes I've ridden. Does anyone know of other bikes the countershaft sprocket would cross reference to?
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