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  1. The ball bearing is there. How do i remove clutch pushrod?
  2. If I have the pressure plate and the actuator at the other end both removed should be ball bearing and the shaft both be removable?
  3. None for 80% of the travel. Then normal. Looked at the mechanism underneath and it would slip in and out and rotate 80% before enguaging the pushrod. I took that apart and put it back together and adjusted the adjustment screw/nut to hold it in place.
  4. So the clutch was working fine oh my son moved it and it fell over. That broke the clutch perch. I posted I have removed and look at the clutch basket and it appears all is OK on that side. I’ve removed the adjustment screw/bolt and removed the mechanism that pushes the pushrod. Both of those seem to be OK it’s just that the pushrod doesn’t engage with the mechanism until the mechanism is partially trend and therefore it doesn’t push the pushrod open enough. What is the clearance of the open clutch basket? It seems like its only 1/8 inch.
  5. The mechanism that pushes the pushrod to disenguage the clutch plates isnt working right and drops a bit. Seems like it is not pushing the pushrod, there is no resistance against it, and it doesn’t return to neutral positions. Do I have to split the cases to get to it to repair it? Any thoughts on what it might be?
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