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  1. Pikeyboy

    Ty175 piston

    Thanks for your advice one and all. I’m taking it to my local machine shop for measurement before I go any further. Many thanks.
  2. Pikeyboy

    Ty175 piston

    Hi guys back again for some more advice on my TY175 I am rebuilding the engine and wondering whether I should fit an oversized piston. The original problem was a very noisy Rattalee engine coupled with loss of power. The writing on the piston is clear in the picture any advice would be most welcome?
  3. Pikeyboy


    Hi folks, looking for some advice. im currently restoring a 1980 ty175 during strip down I noticed one of the fingers is snapped off on the clutch basket. Looks like a previous owner has welded up a small hole in the case from the outside not considering the damage it could cause on the inside upon start up. Each finger is badly scored and one has completely snapped off. The bike was running all be it quite rattling so they must have removed all debris and used the bike. My question do I need to replace the affected parts and if so where can I get them (tried EBay) many thanks all.
  4. Pikeyboy


    Hi all a wee update. Back from my hols tried new puller this morning and yippee it popped off no trouble I think the previous pullers weren’t threading in all the way or poor quality because the new one screwed all the way home tightened up one hit with the hammer and off it came. Many thanks for all your advice guys now to order and replace the points.
  5. Pikeyboy


    Think I know what the problem is? The key way is missing and no hole for it to fit into so maybe the flywheel has turned shredding the key??? This would certainly lock it to the shaft what do you all think???
  6. Pikeyboy


    Hi thanks again for your advice. I’ve tried heating the area probably a bit hotter than I should? Soaked it in WD40 hot and cold still no movement. I’ve ordered another puller but I’m away tomorrow for 2 weeks so when I get back I’ll try it again and keep you all posted. Here’s a picture of the evil b........d just incase I’ve missed something.
  7. Pikeyboy


    Hi thanks so much I’m on puller number 3 now heat WD40 still not a chance it’s solid think I will just have to stick with the old points lol I’ve got the manual many thanks to all.
  8. Pikeyboy


    Trying all three and a heap of praying many thanks for your advice.
  9. Pikeyboy


    Many thanks for your help. I’ve had a good long look no sign of a washer I think what’s happened is the shaft has turned over the key way some how I’ve got an external puller on it now as tight as it will go and still not moving nightmare. Thanks for confirmation that I wasn’t missing anything just don’t know where to go from here?
  10. Pikeyboy


    Hi all I’m new to this forum. I acquired a 1980? Ty175 about a year ago and I’m just starting to re condition it hoping for some help and support. My first hurdle is removing the flywheel. I’ve managed to remove the centre nut doesn’t seem to be a washer behind it? I’ve now threaded two pullers trying to get the flywheel off. Is there something I’m missing? It says in the book tighten the puller and hit the central bolt but it’s stuck solid? Any help would be greatfully received.
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