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  1. Old topic but just for info..... My scorpa is fitted with an aftermarket thermostat in line with the top hose. Space is a bit tight under the tank and when I removed it all was well but when the tank was replaced it distorted the fan housing and jammed the fan. Rearranging same cables and a connector solved the problem... after buying a new (unnecessary) thermostat!
  2. Old thread I know, but just for info.......... .... my mixture screw was so loose it used to slowly tighten up as I rode the bike. Made it run rich and foul plugs... A bit of ptfe tape kept it in place!
  3. Shame it is so fat away... Ref chain... Yes I have noticed a bit of wear already so I may buy a steel rear sprocket and a heavier chain....
  4. I would like a "longride"...not easy to find though!
  5. I recently bought a road legal SY250 and love it! I had just embarked on a bit of green laning/trail riding and had come across some really tricky bits, I guess they would be classed as "technical" and needless to say, my Suzuki DRZ 400 and I ended up in a series of crumpled heaps all over Wales and the Lake District..... The Scorpa is half the weight of the DRZ and rides like a mountain goat in comparison...such fun and made the most difficult (for me) bits look like child's play! What a wonderful design a trials bike is. Even on the road it was perfectly well mannered and top gear seems to be very tall so cruising at 45mph was quite pleasant (ish!). Fuel consumption is a bit of an issue - I clocked it at 7 miles per litre which is about 32 mpg so my 2.5 litre fuel tank did not get me very far. I bought an auxiliary tank which gave me an extra 2 litres... (and carried 3 L in my rucksack...!!) Not ideal but workable! I rode past "Hawks Nest" in Derbyshire which seems to be a popular trials practice area - I have resolved to try my hand at some "beginners" trials sections asap. A few extra psi in the tyres helped road handling and I had a great day out. Wonderful little bikes..wish I had started this 50 years ago!
  6. .. a man of few words! Love it...... :). Many thanks. John
  7. Hi all, my first post... I have bought an SY250 of 2003 vintage and it has had a fairly major overhaul... easy to work on, if a bit fiddly at times! Most jobs have been ok but I am a bit stuck with the clutch hydraulic system... it was filthy and I need to replace all of the fluid... I have been told that the clutch fluid may be "mineral oil" not the usual DOT 4 stuff...can anyone confirm this before I use the wrong fluid please? Thanks in advance.. ps I love the bike... the last 2 stroke I owned was 40 years ago!
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