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  1. martyn s

    TX300 oil ratio

    Hi, yes it is- sadly I cant find any. its now for sale on this forum - thanks
  2. martyn s

    Aprilia TX300

    Time Left: 9 days and 17 minutes

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    Aprilia TX300 - I think its 1984. It runs and all the gears are there and it has a strong spark. The back brake is not good and the throttle cable will need re routing as the revs rise when on full left lock. The rear silencer has been re packed and re welded by a previous owner. I have only ridden it 20 yards to check the gears are all there. I had some self adhesive Vinyl stickers made up for the tank which are included.

    1,650.00 GBP

  3. martyn s

    TX300 oil ratio

    it will be for sale soon. not sure how much yet.
  4. martyn s

    TX300 oil ratio

    thanks for the info ! the bike's coming this week
  5. martyn s

    TX300 oil ratio

    HI can anybody please advise the oil mix for my TX300? ( Rotax engine) and at the risk of opening a can of worms; what is the best 2 stroke oil to use please ? thanks in advance