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  1. Photos from training days with Ryan Young. I may be approaching the limit of what the bike can do. One particular obstacle he advised me to not attempt because the bike was unlikely up to the task. So do I get a new bike or hop this one up? I could get the 163cc kit installed, have the head worked over, install a fast throttle, and maybe increase compression ratio. Or, get a new Sherco 125 ST which I tested and liked or a Beta Evo 200 getting more power and less weight with better everthing. The 125 felt significantly more powerful than my little Scorpa does.
  2. Hi, I just did a weekend with Ryan Young and rode his 125ST-R on some sections we had trained on earlier in the day. He also had a ST250 and 300 I did not try out. So I have about 9 months in trials experience on a 2006 Scorpa SY175F that runs well, but the 125 felt stronger and snappier and I loved it. Ryan suggested a 250 as my next bike, he says they are easier to ride, and I am gonna believe him. Any thoughts on the switch from the SY to a 250ST, or Factory. The price difference between the two is small I think; the Factory makes sense. I had considered myself a 4T guy but now that I have tasted the 2T goodness I am converted. Now to convince the wife to let me have another 8 grand having recently bought a new Triumph Speed Twin.
  3. Ok, since this appears to be unknown I have a plan. After I finish my trials practice/play session this coming weekend I will ride laps around the property until I hit reserve on the tank measuring my distance with my Garmin Edge 500. While it is somewhat inaccurate when riding under tree cover it is better than a guess as to how far the bike can go. I suspect I will want to increase my fuel capacity as the group trail rides I want to join are around 60 miles in length in the mountains.
  4. Anyone know what the typical range is for a tank of gas on a SY175? I am pondering some trail riding, Thanks.
  5. Well, I ordered the silver one from trials and tribulations just a week ago and it is here already. Quite pleased, for some reason I was expecting a much longer wait. I might paint it, but will try the zip tie method for attachment and hope to not break it. Shipping was 70% more expensive than the fender itself. Thanks for the help guys, now I know another source for hard to find parts.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I believe the silver one will be what I get. Set up like Bilko's. Maybe painted.
  7. I cracked my SY175F rear fender a little while ago and want to know if anyone knows of a source for a new one? Mike at the Tryals Shops told me he doesn't know where to get one, I hoped someone here would. Thanks, Dave
  8. Rode my first trials event today. Thanks to all who helped me get the bike ready, it had no problems. I had a few but came out pretty well, built some confidence, and learned some things I need work on.
  9. Actually, I play alto and tenor sax. Could someone tell me the torque spec for the swing-arm bolt/nut? I just got the swing-arm on with new bearings and seals. Or, is it not really critical, just reasonably tight being fine. Thanks, Dave
  10. Today's questions: 1) How is the carb needle removed from the slide? I am being gentle but it isn't coming out the top of the slide. 2) Precisely what material should I remove on the intake pipe-head joint? Is it typically material removal from the head, or pipe? If it is the head do I have to remove the head? What if I stuff a rag in the intake runner, file the offending ridge, then vacuum out the shavings? Thanks everyone. Edit: yep, I am messing around with it while I wait for parts from Mike K.
  11. Nice video. Swing arm is out and the drive side bearing is pretty dry, so I might as well replace them too. All wheel bearings are out with minimal damage to the spacers thanks to your help. Got the steering stem apart and found rollers instead of balls. Looks like they got greased somewhere along the way because they look fairly well packed and the grease looks clean. Think I will just adjust those bearings and call it done. Thanks for the help guys. I want the bike right before the weather gets nice and my first trial in March.
  12. So the rear wheel bearings are also shot. With the aluminum spacer inside the hub I cant get a punch behind the bearings to drive them out. How do you guys remove the wheel bearings? I am guessing that I need a drift with a shoulder to catch the spacer. Are they for sale or easy to make?
  13. After riding around the yard for a while I decided it was time to seriously go through the bike. Got the fork oil changed out after partial disassembly and cleaning. As expected the oil was fairly nasty. Discovered one of the front wheel bearings was bad; explains that crunchy noise I had occasionally heard, will order both front bearings. Steering head bearings have more play than I like so it is coming apart tomorrow and will at least get bearings cleaned, greased, and adjusted. Should have a few parts to order as I go through the entire bike.
  14. Interesting, Tryals shop Mike seemed unconcerned when I described the fork bottoming to him saying there were no stiffer springs and he thought they were fine and he is heavier then me. I think it is time for a fork oil change this weekend since I now have the exploded drawings for reference. I only weigh around 190 dressed and my weight is towards the rear throughout my attempts at wheelies following suspension compression. Anyone want to tell me the normal, accepted way to drain and fill the Paioli forks? Oil weight, quantity, and height? Thanks, Dave
  15. Thanks. I will look into hell team too. Can someone give me an idea on what the suspension sag should be? I am bottoming my fork from wheelies, no drops, just practicing in my yard. Using all 6 inches dropping down from wheelie practice. Preload is all the way down. Seems to me that I could use new springs. Front sag is at 2.75" fork travel. probably need fork oil too but I hate to take the bike down when I want to ride it.
  16. Anyone have a recommendation on spark arrestors to fit my apparently stock exhaust? Are they all the same? Legal? Quality? How will an arrestor impact my engine's performance? I would expect a loss of power and a richer F/A ratio. So far I have not needed one but if/when I ride alone in the woods I would feel better knowing I ride at a reduced risk of fire.
  17. Bike is running much better with a new 17.5 jet, air filter, and spark plug. Went 3 full turns out on the idle screw. Choke off in 30 sec. and full throttle in a couple of min. without stumbling. Bike already had a 17.5 but it was mostly obstructed so the new one went in. Getting better at installing the tank and fender. Improving my balance and turning in the yard. It was a good day fo sho. Looking forward to riding somewhere better but it's crazy how tight this bike turns in my tiny yard; there is enough room for a workout.
  18. Good info so far. I talked with Mike at tryalsshop and ordered an air filter, 17.5 pilot jet, and a spark plug. Rode a few laps around the front yard just to start getting used to riding a trials bike and thinking about all those videos I have watched on youtube, etc. Having attempted a few trials sections on my klx250 I am already cognizant of the better slow handling and ease of the SY. Thanks guys.
  19. After lurking for some time I got my first trials bike, a 2006 SY175. Started the basic maintenance and I have some questions you SY guys probably can answer. 1)Where is the oil "filter" and how is it accessed? 2) Where can I obtain several air filter elements? Mine has a hole right along one edge of the rectangular filter plastic frame. 3) Is there a shop manual for the bike? How to get it? Would a TTR125 manual work for the engine? 4) What to do with the nut that holds the back of the fuel tank, it is spinning and lining up the bolt through the fender is not working well? I am considering removing that nut and replacing it with a hex nut and washer. 5) Remind me what the valve clearance spec is, I read it somewhere but forgot the numbers. I guess this is enough to start me off. I may ask more questions, about the carb and jetting next time as the bike is very cold blooded not taking any throttle until quite warm. I just picked it up yesterday and can't wait to fool around on it.
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