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  1. My son is eight and is the final year of the D Class. He is a reasonably good little rider, riding the hard route in OSET Cup events and in Adult events the Sportsman route. Due to his physical size we haven't moved onto a Beta 80 like the majority of his friends. OSET bikes have been fantastic for us, he has had the 12.5R, the 16R and now the 20R but now his friends are on petrol hikes and he is getting flustrated with the bike. He finds it hard to find traction despite me running about 2 to 6psi, depending on the conditions and venue. We run two rim locks on the rear with a Cheng Shin tyre (I am not aware of any other tyre option, is there?). But I think the main problem is the difficulty in getting smooth power delivery, especially at this time of the year when we are riding on wet ground. If I could get smooth bottom end power delivery for him without losing the power to get over obstacles while possibly reducing the throttle delay it would be great We use Boost batteries from Keith, and he has recommended the Kelly KDS72200E controller what are peoples thoughts / experiences? I have also been reading threads about changing the throttle, again what are peoples thoughts / eperiences? TBH I have very little technical knowledge / ability so I would really appreciate any guidance. Thank you in advance.
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