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  1. Thanks for the advise re charger usage, oset technical advised a little silicon life to easy thing's but a bit late !! ???
  2. Hi, not having any luck atm. Oset don't supply. Spoken to a couple of people (like boost bikes) and they can't locate a supplier for the battery end plug & they have contacts in China where there stuff comes from so think I'm sunk also.
  3. thanks oldtrialer - I cant find anything on their web site but they are 1st on my call list tomorrow morning
  4. Hi all Newbie here - to both trails & Oset. Bought a 2nd hand 2017 24 R privately. Just gone to charge it, red light comes on on the charger but not the yellow one as it should have as the bike battery is flat. I try to pull off the charger plug lead from the battery socket (after unscrewing the locking ring)& the charger plug on the lead comes apart in my hand !!!! DOHHHH !!!! The plastic cap & metal 'plug' in the lead have separated with all 4 wires detaching from the 'prongs' in the metal body of the charger lead plug. Anyone know of someone who can repair it please or any other recommendations,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Many thanks in advance. Cheers
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