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  1. Hi mate that's great got a whole bunch of info there, I am considering refurbing the Bing.I'm working on it now as bike isnt quite a finished project one thing lead to another since I got back from Germany with it on Sunday and I.ve been working on it since gone mad taking apart checking everything.I am familiar with Milwich sounds a brill idea. Cheers Adam.
  2. Think its a VM 28-49 it came with a booklet thats not a lot of use..Yes that's a good idea will look into that the Bing looks a quality carb,the Mikuni seems the wrong hand as well the air mixture screw is on the right side so the exhaust blocks access when on the bike you can get them on the left so another reason I think they sold my mate the wrong carb he did specify the bike when buying that carb.Shame if it is as its brand new and could be of no use,might be worth getting in touch with them to ask.. Cheers Adam.
  3. Hi Carl as I suspected all the jets are wrong to what you're saying, when you say 26mm what is that measurement I.m measuring the internal of carb engine side and got 28mm and it fits in rubber manifold easy but tightens up well as very flexible rubber.perhaps I could get some jets and experiment now you given me something to work off once Ive ridden it with the Bing carb it starting 1st or 2nd kick now just will see how it rides.. Cheers Adam.
  4. Hi mate,by bogging down when you pull away and give it more than half throttle it just dies down almost as if you had turned an ignition off..if you roll off on the throttle it picks up..the Mikuni carb seems a long way off especially you say 240 main jet for a Ty 175 and this Sherpa 350..just rode it up and down the road with the Bing carb and loads better ..it a pphysically bigger carb both inlets couple of mm bigger actually fits both rubbers better so I think Mikini is wrong one..only got back from Germany with it last night so all new to me. Thanks Adam.
  5. Hi mate,been fettling the bike today have stripped the Mikuni carb it is a VM I have a suspicion it too small so my mate may bought the wrong one.the sizes of the inlet of carb to engine are 35mm..airbox side 44mm those are the external measurement..Main jet is 130... Pilot jet 30...needle has 5 notch and clip is set on middle notch...he also gave me a Bing carb.. he felt it made the bike run woolly... which I think is standard fitment he said he been told that one is worn so he bought the Mikuni..but I've just fitted the bing and it running 100% better than the Mikuni so will ride it before I do anything else...Thanks Adam.
  6. Hi new to he fold just bought a Bultaco 350 Sherpa 199A from a friend, it 95% complete lots of new parts including a fresh out the box Mikuni that needs settings altering bike runs and ticks over but when you open throttle 1st quarter bogs down 2nd quarter power is there last half bogs down and will cut out if you hold open. Thanks Adam.
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