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  1. Hi ?? it all works now! Turns out the stator was completely dead and the coil was very very weak. So I got the stator fixed and a new leonelli coil and now it works like a dream! ✊?????
  2. Just saw this slightly rusty terminal....another potential non sparking issue or is this normal? ??
  3. Got the flywheel tool today and discovered this? Would dirt and grime be a factor at all??
  4. Ah ok cheers guys! I’ll let you know how I get on this week once the flywheel puller comes. ??⚙️
  5. Evening all, just wonderd if a 05 stator will fit the 06 sherco 290? Got a no spark situation and after reading various hreads on here I have done some meter readings and think it could possibly be this. I have ordered a puller so should be able to see if it’s the woodrough key and eliminate that, however when I check the coil I get nothing. Is this also a common problem on these bikes?? ? cheers
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