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  1. Thank you everyone for rapid assistance.....I will employ the suggestions..... I will report back on the curative measure(s)..... thai mentioned bad coil...... if coil bad and plug dies after 30 min will new plug immediately fire up??
  2. Hello everyone. I have a 187 Alpina 250.....It’s completely restored. It runs great except I need to carry extra spark plugs with me because after about 45 minutes of riding The bike starts to sputter Lose power and eventually stall. It’s rather disheartening because I have to replace the plug every 45 minutes. Once the new plug goes in it runs beautifully until the same thing happens again. Occasionally the throttle sticks a little bit and I can smell a little bit of something “burning”.... just in general. No horrible burning. I am running 32 to 1. The dead plug comes out golden brown but apparently is completely deceased! Has anyone ran into this or is there something I am missing? I’m guessing the plug is being fried somehow. I highly doubt I got a whole batch of bad plugs! running champion RN12YC If anyone could help I would be very grateful
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