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  1. RB45

    Ring End Gap

    Thanks. One reference I found said to use .004 x bore for the top and .005 x bore for the lower ring. Thanks again.
  2. RB45

    Ring End Gap

    Can anyone tell me the factory recommended ring end gap for a M116 Alpina (new rebore, piston and rings)? My service manual has 2 listings: Ring End Gap .002 New .012 Thanks.
  3. RB45


    Thanks for the response.
  4. RB45


    Already sent an e mail. Thanks.
  5. RB45


    I'm in the process of trying to rebuild a M116 Alpina basket case. Among the missing & broken parts is the resistor (or as my parts manual says, Ressitor Assembly 85.21-217). Does anyone know of a source for this part? OR, does anyone know the specs of the original part so I can look for a universal replacement? Thanks.
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