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  1. Hi all, I brought a new fibreglass seat unit from Inmotion. Having cleaned it up where it fits around tubes etc. It appears to be too wide.A pal and work colleague reckons the same and say that he had to cut his in half and remove a lump to make it fit nicely. Is this normal with this unit ? Fibreglass isn’t my thing and the thought of doing this is rather scary. But I want it to fit well. thanks, Andy
  2. Thanks Feet up fun. Will look out for a slider or get a quote to sleeve mine. Appreciate your comment re-‘replica’ guards not being exactly as original. You’ve Confirmed what I suspected. Andy.
  3. It’s the inside bits of the slider that’s worn. The chromed stanchion was very bent and rusted, this poor old girl had a very tough life ! Would like to go with ally guards for originality. I’ll probably never ride it in anger. andy
  4. Hi all, looking for Ally mudguards for my early M49, obviously I can get them from Inmotion but wondered if there was a ‘more cost effective’ route. Any thoughts appreciated. Also looking for a good used Right hand fork bottom or thoughts on how to salvage a really worn one. thanks , Andy
  5. Thanks vintagenut.im really pleased with them. Original rims have a few war wounds but I’m happy to leave them as patina. one thing I do need is a right hand fork Bottom. Had the tubes ground and chromed by Philpots.Right hand one was scrap as far as I was concerned but Philpots did a blinding job on them. Unfortunately the right hand slider is really worn. Might have to get it sleeved if I can’t find another. Andy
  6. Hi all, quick update regarding the M49 rear spoke conundrum. Just had my wheels built by Willis wheels at North Weald in Essex. Using Inmotion front spokes. Willis made the rear spokes and built both wheels and fitted supplied tyres. Great service and a nice job with a quick turnaround. Plus Chris Willis is a really nice guy. Andy.
  7. You’re absolutely right Woody, I just put the tank and seat unit on for a bit of a morale boost-I knew the seat unit needed a bit of work but it needs more than I thought. Don’t think my tank will be any good without substantial work. But that can wait for a bit. Andy
  8. Having studied the pics again I’m beginning to think my tank isn’t an M49 one. It appears too narrow at the rear and doesn’t mate with the seat unit. Did I dream it or did someone on here have an M49 tank surplus to requirements ? Andy
  9. Ian, the paint is a Rolls-Royce colour ( not a 100% match ) done at my old place of work and yes, quite a nice finish ( I only prepped it, a pal managed to get some overspray on it whilst doing a crash repair ). I’ve not got any further with Central wheels myself as I’ve been lucky enough to be working through this dreadful time, but am following ‘spoke gate’ with interest. Andy
  10. Finally got my frame on the bench today. Waiting to see if anyone can make us some rear spokes so I can get it on two wheels. Much polishing of rear rim required first though. Andy
  11. That’s all good info and useful pics too. Thanks all. will keep posting progress. Andy
  12. Having never ridden trials ( I used to Grasstrack many years ago ) the seat being backwards might help my technique ?the bottom tubes caused much confusion initially, eventually ‘Twinnshock’ came to the conclusion that it had been modified for extra clearance. I’ve got it back to standard early M49 layout now as I want to restore it to as near standard as I can. It’s silver now too. I used to work for a Rolls Royce dealer, and there’s a Rolls colour that’s very similar to the Bultaco one, amazing how overspray from a Phantom repair could get all over a Bultaco frame ?I’d love to see any pics of a standard early M49 as things like mudguard brackets need to be sourced or fabricated. The biggest problem I have is the fuel tank, it’s in very poor condition and ideally needs replacing. Andy.
  13. Pic of my M49 as purchased. Why oh why did I go to the pub that night. Andy
  14. Like an idiot I managed to undo all mine ( there are better things to do with ones time ! ). The outer ones on the drive side do have a small ‘kick’ in them to clear the flange. It hadn’t occurred to me that they might be slightly longer though. I too have spoken to Central wheels so we can compare notes soon. Andy.
  15. Does anyone make a set of spokes for the M49 rear wheel ? Inmotion don’t. I reckon I’ll have to get a set made. Andy
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