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  1. Hi Trails gurus . I have a Sherco 2.5T 2010 . the gas tank in the seat model . It has no spark after parking up from a ride , when i went to start it a day later there was no spark . From other threads here it does not seem uncommon . However when i tried to source a new stator i am told its no longer available . My one appears to be off an earlier model 2007 , it has 3 windings and a trigger coil . it meters out ok as per specs i got here . Would anyone here know of the meter readings for the CDI . mine is the CDI coil in one, mounted behind the engine high in the frame. I have been quoted $ 690.00 NZD to upgrade to a 013 stator, coil, and CDI . I am reluctant to spend this untill i know exactly what has failed on my bike. Any help is appreciated. Cheers Bernie . Westport NZ
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