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  1. Alright To be fair, I brought a 300 which I downsized to 250 top end. The top end I bought was a second hand from a Spaniard whom did the opposite change from 250 to 300cc. I got it with both standard and high comp s3 head. When I received it I rushed to instal it and went direct to the s3 high comp for which I measured comp ratio (which I did for both heads)... So I can not tell you what the diff between both, I am sorry! On a side note believe it or not the s3 head and hence head cover (trs not compatible) are from gasgas txt and do fit my trs... Davy
  2. Hi there, I run my trs 250 with a s3 high compression head which give the bike a 12.35 to 1 compression ratio from the 10.5 to 1 as standart. And I run it on 98 regular pump gas. No prob whatsoever as such as pinging or detonation... Davy
  3. Hi anotherfive, I see from your profile that you own a gasgas 300 are u referring to the gasser clutch wise or are u talking about a trs mate? Rather make sure we re on the same page? and not comparing apples to oranges.... Tx Davy
  4. Thanks for your input i will have a look on mine. Got info from dherbey moto in france they usually re really good advices...
  5. Hi there, My 2017 raga after I change gear box oil from 10w30 to nils which is way thinner is now slipping. In 4 th and 5th couldn t get engine full rpm and no motion... I added 50 ml from the 300 ml and it made the clutch working fine again... yet I figure I would have to check and most probably change the clutch disc pack which I have order now. I got info than finger height should be at 22mm but how should I measure it? Disc pack is supposedly to be at 8.5 apparently... Thanks for your help Davy
  6. Hi there anyone to explain me how to measure finger heights by chance ? Tx Davy
  7. tx for the answer I should put my hand on one and tried it to check any carb change I guess!
  8. Hi there about this bit of plastic at the inlet arte you referring to the "Reed" which can can pivot up and down? What is the purpose of this bit tho,anyone can explain it to me? On My trs I don't have this part bought it as second hand... Davy
  9. Hi folks yesterday i got a similar issue: did a carb clean up and changed my spark plug as a basic maintenance and rode some section for a full tank of gas. Ran fine until it didn't. First thought was running out of gas but no. Idling was fine and quarter throttle was strong but I couldn't rev the engine up. It was dying every try. Today I checked wiring harness, cdi, killer switch, spark plug, air filter, I would not accept my carb was crapping on me since I had it cleaned up 24h earlier... until I opened the bowl to find out that the main pilot jet was hanging in the bowl instead of being at the bottom of the needle shaft.. I first thought for the first time in my life was like pointless to screw the jet like a donkey the only thing that could happen would be to mess and destroy the carb. I guess it wasn t tight enough, no point trying to rev my engine up without the pilot jet in its dedicated place after it got unscrewed by engine vibrations! I hope I have learnt something at one point. I might not be smart but at least I hope I will feel like a normal human being with a proper brain... Oneday... enjoy your week end
  10. Alright I will had my two cents on this old topic, never know it might help a bit... I got myself a second hand trs raga 2017 and realized that TRS (up to 2017 models) uses the same comex fan than older GASGAS TXT that caused problemes to friends of mine... during the lockdown doing slow stuff in my back yard my radiator went boiling... looked at it checked everything just to find out that fan would not spin any more under electrical power from the engine. further I got to plug in directly the fan's wires directly to a 12v battery with no success... Finally after trying not hard enough i guess, since i could not get to secure my nail in position to hammer the shaft out, so I grinded with a Dremel two opposite flat on the shaft and blocked it in a vice, didn't work properly but having it pinched with a vice grip plier I eventually and surprisingly easely got it to move while holding the fan in the other hand. After couples rotations, i had the shaft pushed in couples mm and could now place the nail in the bearing and hammer it out... what i found out if a totally rusted electric motor, after having it put it appart and cleaning with proper electrical fluid, still no cookies, I guess the thing is toasted period! So now I am into this position whether I will buy a new complete fan for around 70 euros, or do the motor replacement since i already got it out now... I might do both actually, so that I will have a spare in case something goes wrong with this bit, heard so many problems on gasgas with this part... anyway i will let you here couples pictures in case someone has the same problems than myself For your information, I found online quite cheap units (47€) which are coming from germany, my problems is that after shipping it comes merely below the price from trial retailers so not sure about it... here is the link if i am allowed if not I will erase it: http://www.kuehler-rath.com/epages/63250660.sf/en_GB/?ViewObjectPath=%2FShops%2F63250660%2FProducts%2F58911
  11. My 17 raga has a different shock which is a 3 ways only reiger. In the attached file are the setting of this shock... Good luck finiking with them settings mate Davy Trial_HL_manual.pdf
  12. I just bought a used 300 raga (couldnt find a 250), seller sold it to me as a 2018 model I didn t even bother looking closely since it was a very clean bike... then i just realized my bike (Spanish model) doesn' t look like other 2018 (french) RR other folks in my local club have: *mine has a red cylinder head which apparently only came in 2019 raga... *mine has regular forks not golded and not blacks lower tube... *on mine the stickers are from raga 2019 model and no swing arm sticker either as per 2017... *my handle bar is black has per 2017 model unlike my mate have the reken white one... Any suggestion folks, I am totally confused? Maybe the serial numbers will reveal the date model? As per the legal plate number and administrative document it appears it has been first road legal in december 2017... Thanks for your help Davy
  13. There are so many settings that trying to tweak this thing out is like rocket science to me. Today I was just about to change the settings but I freaked out realizing how clueless I was and left everything stock... I truly wish I knew how to... Enjoy your ride Davy
  14. Tx mate, so far I got this answer from trs uk: "2016/17/18/19 One 2017RR All use the first generation motor 2018/2019/2020RR 2020R Use the 2nd generation motor. . The main differences are kickstart mechanism main bearing and seal arrangements. I hope this helps " I truly thought they were some cylinder port timing and cylinder head chamber change being done... Anyway tx for your help Davy
  15. Hi folks, I am trying to figure out when was the year which has seen the switch in regard of the engine department? I do know that as for 2020 the TRS R and the TRRS (RAGA) do share the same engine block (which is apparently quite alive compare to older gen) engine which came from 2019 TRRS RAGA... now here lies my question: was the 2018 TRRS RAGA equipped with this very same engine (new cylinder, combustion chamber, CDI...) or was the 2018 the older version which was apparently a bit more anemic? I am considering getting a 2018 TRRS 250cc and I would rather make sure that it is equipped with the new engine . Thanks for your inputs Davy
  16. hi there, anyone knows about X trial in quito tonight? can t find any detail for live streaming.... tx for your input
  17. Man she looks like new not even a dent! Now I am jealous ? How is your dealer selling the 2019 is it the factory or standard model? Davy
  18. Luc it's not night and day both are 250 trial bike and both engines have great low end, overmore you might want to consider changing the Reed cage for boyesen (around 40€) which improves low end a bit... If you look at beta announcements for the 2019 factory model and the 2020 standard one they mention cylinder diagrams change for a more modern trial style but the bike you are mentioning is a 2017 model! So maybe these previous years evo were not concerned for engines character differences? https://www.betamotor.com/en/moto/evo-2t-125-250-300/ In the end I personally think you can't go wrong with he 250 factory you will have some great times, on the other hand the 300 has a even more grunty and inertia engine but do you have what it takes to use its full potential and to not get into trouble at times... these are the questions I ask myself and hopefully I will go for a 250 sooner that later! One great thing about evo is the reliability of these bikes, with couple guys we are riding a lot I mean a lot and even though I bought mine one year and a half ago ( yet I already went to over 5/6 liter of engine 2 stroke oil), I only got to fix or change part that are due to be change as per maintenance or such as tire, brake pad and so on... not to mention about control levers, handlebar, grips since I am a big noob and get to learn the hard way on our very Rocky terrain... ? What I mean is that most of guys over here used to ride gas gas which re great apparently but man did they break: frame cracks, water pump leak, crankshaft bearing failure, exhaust Crack... Beta have their weaknesses such as the rear fender being to stiff plastic, front one not great either, skid plate does not like taking lot of abuse (I mean a lot) well minor details, but so far none of us got huge issues concerning frame or engine apart listed above they re kind of bullet proof! Like they say my two cents with my little experience (yet lot of hours on my 125 over one year) They are reliable and easy trial bike quite well-suited for the regular clubman I think and I don t see why you wouldn't enjoy a 2017 250 factory evo?. Now everything is personal you will still have to make up your own ideas about it. Enjoy your ride my mate whatever your bike will be Davy
  19. Hi folks, even though I am the old an ugly guy, I am myself riding and enjoying a125 evo yet now I am looking at upgrading to a larger cc bike. At my local club most of guys have either downsized their 300 or went straight for a 250. They figured a 300 racing/factory is too brutal, engine build up too much inertia and often they found themselves into trouble while being on top of step and sharp obstacles, engines are pulling and pushing so strong that it required really good skills clutch control in these situations... They found out that a 250 provided far from enough power for most of riders unless you can do the rear wheel pogo like toni bou at elite level on huge steps and so on! True that a 300 is fun for jumps / splatters and such and ivermore no doubts about riding trails and single tracks, but still a 250 will do the job... I do it on my 125... and when you look at what the younger can achieve on their 125 it's an eye opener I reckon. Two friends bought 2019 evos 250 one factory and the other the basic model. Believe it or not but engines character really differ quite a lot the factory is more revy and likes opening the throtlle and clutch input more than the standard model which has really more grunt from down low to the mid range where it kind of bogged down and become gentle while doesn t want to Rev as per the factory... plus the equipment which quite a difference from both model hence the price tag! I myself am looking forward to switch to a 250 and since coming from my 125 that I have to Rev like nut to get anywhere I might be more inclined toward the factory model not having the habit of riding on the low throtlle opening which is very usual within older generation of trial riders apparently... A very strong rider has the 300 factory and agrees that a 250 is far enough and exploiting its full potential is not for everyone, he is also considering moving down to a 250 on its next acquisition for the fun of it? So yeah my ideas on the subject, you might want to consider in particular the difference in the power delivery between standard and factory models IMAO plus bracktec VS grimeca , Sach VS 16V... Davy
  20. hi folks, after reading this topic one year ago I bought some boyesen dual stage reed vavle and man did it improve my 125 evo! Now I see this brand (showe) on the market which seems similar to the boyesen dual stage but made out of carbon instead, and actually quite cheap too! Anyone as ever tried them yet? https://showe-performance.co.uk/cf-0030-6tr106.html thanks for your input Davy
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