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  1. Thanks both. Not particularly concerned as I know where the bike has come from - just interested as it’s an anomaly I can’t seem to find any info on !! Its definitely stamped TG but looks machine stamped - not by hand. It Is road registered yes, and it’s an early bike for its year - no 0128 so maybe it is to do with the new model/ year combination cheers Adam
  2. Hi all Just a quick intro and question. After a looong time away from off road bikes I have just purchased a gasgas 300 in a vain attempt to regain some mid 40's fitness !! looking forward to getting out and about. Quick question - the VIN no on my bike starts VTRTG - when i checked the bike out, all the sites I have found list GasGas trials bike frame numbers starting with VTRGG not VTRTG. Has anyone else got a TG VIN number - or knows what it means?? Many thanks Adam
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