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  1. I weigh 170lbs and it does not cut out when I ride it. I can power wheelie, jump and hop logs and obstacles. It's incredible the zip the Oset has even with an adult. The only time I've had it cut out was when it gets to the end of the battery, but that's after hours of riding, so it is a good battery so far.
  2. Did a quick search and this looks like what I got, check the dimensions to make sure it will fit, I will double check mine when I get some time. Mine is 48v 20AH LifePO4, but they come in a couple different dimensions. Lifepo4 Pack Also, we did a 22 mile ride in the desert, I thought we'd get stranded when I saw that we were at 11 miles and still needed to make it back, but it made it. My meter said she consumed 15.85ah, but I've been reading that the meter I use may be inaccurate for the accumulated ah, but I've found it to work for us and seems pretty consistent.
  3. They are cells, they are fine. They look "swollen" because the BMS is shorter than the pack of cells which makes it a bit of an odd shape (tapers up to the BMS)
  4. It's a great pack for the price. We aren't getting the rated 20ah, but way longer ride times than the stock SLA batteries. We rode for 2-3 hours yesterday and never ran out of juice. The 5A charger helps keep it charged between riding. We've only fully drained it twice and got 14.96ah out of it the first time and 13.88 the second time. The second time was over 4 days, so I don't know if there is any drop just sitting. The low voltage cutoff of the pack is 40v, but the Oset goes into limp mode around 46-47v, and doesn't run long after that until full shut-off. I don't know if that's a problem with my Oset as I bought it used, but I would assume that also has something to do with not getting the full 20ah out of the pack. Overall, it's worth $300.
  5. YES!! Just use a charger like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-Charger-Adapter-For-Hoverboard-Smart-Balance-Scooter-2-Wheel-42V-2A-US/273386670265?epid=13026675911&hash=item3fa71d88b9:g:4WcAAOSwmrpbfmVY
  6. For the 36v bikes I would try these for a cheap solution: https://www.ebay.com/itm/UFO-U18650-36V-158-4Wh-Battery-10s2p-for-Hoverboard-Balance-Board/323334808752 I don't have a 36v Oset, but I used these to upgrade an electric Razor MX500 bike with a 1000w 36v Currie motor and it's been working awesome for over 2 years. I have 3 of these in parallel and a 42v Lithium charger, it will go forever and do 16 miles around town, it's been great and I just plug it in to charge, no messing with packs and balancing or alarms... so just a thought for your guys...
  7. Just an update. This is the pack I bought: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rechargeable-48V20Ah-LiFePO4-Battery-Pack-for-Ebike-Scooter-pedicabs-Charger/123191554222?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 It's AWESOME!! Shape is almost exactly the same as the lead acid battery pack, probably an inch taller, but the canvas pouch fits over it and it just looks stock. I added a gauge that's velcro'd to the top velcro strap. We haven't been able to run it out of juice yet!! What a huge improvement. Used 9.5ah yesterday and did about a 12 mile trail ride, the pack is still at 52v. It's rated for 20ah, curious to see if I get that much out of it, but it's REALLY hard to run it down riding around the house (I always fully charge it for rides...) Even though the stock lead acid batteries said they were 10ah, We were only getting about 6 miles or 30-45min....so 12 miles or about 2-3 hours so far is a huge improvement, even if we don't get 20ah. As for max amp draw, I don't have any real definitive info. I turned it all the way up and compared it back to back with my buddies 2015 20.0R and it 'feels' the same to me, definitely plenty for my daughter trail riding. The increased voltage does speed it up a little, so I had to turn it all the way down, so if you need the lowest settings with the lead acid batteries, you will lose that with this upgrade as it won't dial down quite as low. I also went up a slight paved hill and was able look down at the guage, and it was pulling 1785-1900w up the whole hill (maybe 100yards) which is about 37-40amps, so I think that the rating of 50a continuous is probably correct (there was some question about this that gwhy brought up above). Time is the real test, but the pack seems totally legit and for $300 (make an offer, he accepted my $300 offer) its a crazy good value.
  8. ....and running packs in parallel. Wouldn't the BMS in each pack manage the voltage? I'm actually running 4 in my 36v bike and just charge them with a single 36v (42v) charger, and I always assumed that if they got drained unevenly, that the BMS would cut off the charging when they reached 42v. Although, I did make sure each pack was individually charged to 42v before connecting them in p in the bike. They've been connected in p for over a year now and charged probably a hundred times....should I charge them individually every so often?
  9. Okay, everything makes sense except for your calculation for this pack being only 20A continuous as the listing states 50A continuous. Are you saying the 50A spec is likely wrong and that a 1Kw pack will only provide 20A?
  10. gwhy Thanks for the reply. My daughter is 8 and we have it on the lowest setting right now, I really don't think she's going to need crazy high amp draws. we have the regular 20.0 not the r, I think the 50A continuous with the 100A bursts should suffice. Just to clarify though. The pack should work fine and not cause any issues, it may just limit the Oset's potential, correct? The BMS should limit what can be drawn....so if the bike wanted 120A, it would only get 100A but still function properly. Correct me if I'm wrong here. I have run into this before when I went to Lithium on a 36v bike. I tried it with one lithium pack, which would only supply 20A, it worked fine, but wasn't 'peppy' then I added 2 more packs, so 60A total and that woke it up....I guess I could get 2 of these packs and run them in parallel to double the draw limits to 100A continuous and 200A max....but I really don't think I"ll need it...
  11. Been reading the posts I can find about this and see that most are using RC packs in series, which I can do and have done with other electric bike projects. But I'd rather have a pack with a BMS so the cells can be charged and balanced on the bike all at once. What I'm having trouble with is the max volts that the Oset's controllers can handle. Most Lipo or Lithium packs are well above 48v and most peak around 58v and that worries me. All my other electric bike projects have been for 36v and I have sent over 48v to those without issue...but this Oset is a way more expensive bike and I don't want to blow any electronics. Here's the pack I'm looking at, probably the LifePO4: https://www.ebay.com/itm/48V-20AH-Lithium-Battery-Pack-Power-for-1000W-EBike-Scooter-with-5A-Charger-BMS/272702964037 or LifePO4 https://www.ebay.com/itm/48V-20Ah-LiFePO4-Battery-Pack-for-Rechargeable-1000W-EBike-Scooter-Charger-BMS/113149616816 These packs have AWESOME specs, a 5amp charger and good reviews..... It's the 58.4v when fully charged that concerns me. The lithium pack is 14s, where I've seen 13s packs used for these Oset bikes, but the LifePO4 pack is basically the same max voltage. These are built for 48v electric bikes, but I'm still worried I'm missing something. Any help is appreciated! BTW, I have a 2013 Oset 20.0. My daughter loves it, but we get stranded on trail rides every time at only 6-7 miles!! I was expecting 10 min, and that's still crap...need more range, she's excited to ride!
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