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  1. Hi, New here. I have an Oset 12.5R 2015 model for my 3 year old. The batteries are pretty shot so looking at Lipo options. I have a ELYSIUM LX60B Pro charger and I'm thinking of getting the following: 2 x https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-high-capacity-battery-8000mah-4s-12c-drone-lipo-pack-xt90.html?queryID=09f9d42a26a5304fced86eb6d944e6fd&objectID=78430&indexName=hbk_live_magento_en_us_products run them with low voltage alarms. I was looking at the 16000mah and 20000mah batteries but concerned about getting dead cells. Do I need to run a BMS? I was going to get some drop leads for the balance ports to avoid connecting direct to the batteries all the time. Trying to keep it relatively simple. Cheers Dicky
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