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  1. Just to let u all know i managed to have a look and the needle had been fitted the wrong side of the retainer so clearly now n again it was staying up rather than working with the slide.
  2. It runs ok most of the time then just seems to get over rich and smokey. Ill have a tinker when i next get to the bike?
  3. Well its much cheaper than racing enduro thats for sure. Im a ktm man at heart. I have a ktm road bike and have been racing 2 stroke exc's til i got busted up in wales doing a 12 hour race. That was a few years ago and i havent been in the mud since. I thought id go down a cheap route to go get dirty bought a bike for 1200 quid and a tenner a year to go play when u like. Makes sense to a yorkshireman!! Ive lost me nerve a bit but had a go at a couple of hills in swain. Lack of traction due to the slop saw me slinging the bike a couple of times. Good exercise though looking forward to getting used to the bike
  4. Hi Dave im already a member and have been down for a couple of hours Last weekend. Sloppy down there!
  5. 70:1 ive been told to go for
  6. Hi im new to trials but have been racing enduro over the past 5 years or so. Ive bought an 09 sherco, ridden it for a couple of hours and it seems to have an over fuelling issue. I can potter about at 1/4 to 1/3 throttle no issues. Give it some beans- more throttle and higher revs up a hill or even on flat and it starts to bog and blue smoke losing all power and running crap. To me its like a worn needle or the jet is wrong. It takes then a few minutes of pottering about before it clears and runs clean at low throttle. Again if i open it up back to square one and rubs crap and smokes for a few mins. Ive not had carb apart yet but was gonna go straight in with a new needle and jet if there is a recommended jet and needle part number combo thats proven. Any help appreciated.
  7. Afternoon all. Just joined and come to say hello. Hope you are all hunky dory!
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