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  1. Thanks Rich, I've been pretty obsessed with it since I attended a few meets as a spectator last summer. Being able to spend hours on a few small obstacles even just in the driveway makes it a super convenient and challenging way to get outside and ride without having to travel. Im 30 now, I wish I would have found this sport 10 years ago.
  2. Thanks for the tips Ralph, definitely going to give the 620 locktite a go, I have some in my toolbox at work. I'm fortunate to have a couple acres of woods at my house with quite a few rocks so I can ride whenever there is time. Nice to meet you.
  3. My name's Mike, I'm new to trials. I bought my first bike 2 months ago and probably put 30 hours on it so far. Love the bike, looking forward to trials meets when the virus is under control. Unfortunately the bike I bought has a bearing that spun in the rear hub so I'm looking for one of those currently. Going to try some shim stock and sleeve retainer as a last ditch effort. Anyway nice to meet you all!
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