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    Hi thanks for taking time to look atthis ad its a 2003sherco 80 juniors trial bike in very good condition for its age paint work on engine is very good all bearings all good not done much in its time at all. Never let us down kicks first second kick hot or cold exhaust all in good condition 1350 o.n.o could benefit from new graphics other than that starts and rides and stops as it should fork seals good aswell thanks liam

    1,150.00 GBP

  2. Sanders

    Bike Won't Idle

    Hi all replaced the woodruff key with one from splatshop also a new gasket for the fuel tap as this was leaking when turning fuel tap on new fuel line aswell still strange idle and no revs at all just borks any ideas/suggestions would be very appreciated dying to get out
  3. Sanders

    Bike Won't Idle

    Just thought I'd update found the woodruff key had sheared ordered one today and hopefully we have revs I'll update soon as we fire it up
  4. Sanders

    Bike Won't Idle

    Did you find the answer to this problem my bike cannot find a settled idle and will not rev at all had carb off cleaned twice new throttle slider also checked reeds they're fine put fresh fuel in how ever my fuel tap has a slight leak just noticed tonight cannot get a tight seal at the tap will that cause this problem
  5. Hi I have a 2009 sherco 290 bought the bike a year or so ago and got it home problems starting wouldn't start anyway got it to a local guy found out some one had wound the idle needle all the way in and marked the slider so he buffed it out and boom riding perfect put the bike away got it out the other day and couldn't get any tick over or revs so bought new slider put that in still the same the local guy had another look managed to get it to tick over but will not rev any help would be appreciated put new plug in also nothing just tick over no rev and the guy also said he cleaned all the jets in the carb
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