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  1. I'm not even sure what tank it is. It came with the bike but was questionably mounted. Just added better mounts to the frame.
  2. Do anyone know a source in Canada to get the Dellorto carb parts ? Specifically the av264 needle jet ?
  3. Still need to fab a skid plate
  4. The bike is done. Still needs some carb tuning. Starts up , with choke, one or two kicks. Keep in mind that it isnt original. The parts that were missing or damaged were replaced with what was on hand or made.
  5. I did lap the flywheel and shaft based on 8info I had cleaned from this forum
  6. Found a new woodruff key. Got it timed as close to spec as I could. Got a new condensor and relocated under the tank. Bike is now a runner. A little iffy but the gas is very old. Fresh gas and plug is next on the agenda
  7. I think so . But insight is always welcome
  8. Now to find a tiny little key like this. Lol
  9. Turns out the key was sheared off. Guess I gotta fix that first
  10. Got the flywheel off. Made my own puller Can a different (easier to get ) condensor be used ?
  11. What is the proper plug ?
  12. Thanks for the info. Guess I have to invest in a puller.
  13. Hi :) I have come apon a 350t. It is abit of a mutt but it looks usable as a play bike. I'm trying to get it started. Carb has been taken of and cleaned. When kicking I get abit of a back fire but that's it. I want to go through the ignition. Where is the condensor located . Is it located with the points ? thanks in advance Lyle
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