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  1. Cheers Chris that's really helpful. I suppose I was trying to see if there was a way around fitting it to my Scirocco or if there was a solution without a towbar but it's looking like that will be out of the question. That's fine though, I'll have a look at those links and get one fitted. Cheers again! I'll have
  2. Hello! Does anyone know of any way to transport a bike around without a tow bar? I've got a VW Scirocco and the Mrs has a T-Roc, but she has to get it serviced at a VW garage and they've just quoted silly money to get a tow bar fitted. It would be cheaper for me to just buy a used van but I don't have anywhere to store it. Has anyone encountered a similar problem? Is there a potential boot rack system that could carry the weight or any other mods? Cheers, Ollie
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