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  1. 1 hour ago, ChrisCH said:

    There are two options - put the bike inside or attach it with a trailer or bike rack.  If it will not go inside whatever you plan to move it with then you need a tow attachment of some sort to pull the trailer or fit the bike rack.

    Bike racks are very good but you need to check the weight rating for both the car and the towbar.  A lot of cars will not cope with the weight.  You need to add together the rack and the bike so generally about 75-80Kg or so.  Most cars/towbars will not be rated for that.

    As above the VW garage will charge a premium for the fitting and then probably go to a local towbar fitter to get the job done.  Most car dealers don't fit towbars themselves.

    There are a lot of people around that fit towbars that are not very good at it.  Try to get someone accredited by the NTTA or similar.  Part of the cost issue is that you need a vehicle specific kit for the wiring.  Modern cars like the T-Roc have a vehicle network (Canbus) and the electrics need to "talk" to it.  Cheap backstreet operations will fit a bypass relay (bypassing the canbus) which is much much less expensive but might well invalidate any manufacturer's warranty on the car.  If the car is on a  lease or similar you need permission to alter it.  The backstreet towbar fitter will not tell you about this - they will just take your money then fit some old rubbish and now it is your problem.




    £573  Seems about right.  That is with a bypass relay - 200 extra for vehicle specifics.  You would need to check if that is OK if there is any finance on the car - the specific kit is the correct option.  The flange type is what you need for a bike rack.  For that application you can get away with a lighting board as the bike covers the lights.  For towing a trailer you need to look at things like reversing sensors and so on.  So with a vehicle kit and proper fitting plus a main dealer mark up I would imagine you are getting near to a grand.

    Cheers Chris that's really helpful. I suppose I was trying to see if there was a way around fitting it to my Scirocco or if there was a solution without a towbar but it's looking like that will be out of the question. 

    That's fine though, I'll have a look at those links and get one fitted.

    Cheers again! 

    I'll have 

  2. Hello! 

    Does anyone know of any way to transport a bike around without a tow bar? 

    I've got a VW Scirocco and the Mrs has a T-Roc, but she has to get it serviced at a VW garage and they've just quoted silly money to get a tow bar fitted. It would be cheaper for me to just buy a used van but I don't have anywhere to store it.

    Has anyone encountered a similar problem? Is there a potential boot rack system that could carry the weight or any other mods? 


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