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  1. Thanks for the answers! I guess im going to buy the keihin pwk 28 becouse i could modd it afterwards. Tony27, it is the first year of 320 yes... Can anybody confirm if the original tank would still fit? The previous owner said the head is raised by a good cm becouse of the 350 kit..witch is not loggical to me...as far as i know the bore is bigger and not the stroke? And is it possible to fit a newer tank and an exhaust from like 2010?...i cant seem to find any parts for 2005...and also an exhaust from a 250 is nit a good idea on a 320 i suppose. Thanks again for the feedback ?
  2. Hi guys, my first post ever I am totaly new to trials, but i have been riding enduro for quite some time. Just got a sherco 320 mainly becouse i wanted to try one, and i dont know anybody that has one.....and it was dirt cheap (exhaust is not stock, it was said it doesnt run, gas tank is trash, carb is not original, no front tire etc.) When i got it home it started after a few kicks and ran fine at idle but would not rev up (bogged when turned the throttle. I started to tear it apart and foud out the carb is from a 2STROKE reaaal old with the 2 round floats (MIKUNI sometning) so my question is what is the original carb 4 this bike. It apperantly has a AM tuning 350ccm kit and pickup (it is stampted on the left cover) and some other stuff...cant find anything on the internet about that ? The owner said the original tank wouldt fit becouse of the 350 kit (he said the head is 2 cm higher with i dont belive) so tey made a nw one out of some sort of resin or fiber or something but the problem is it desolves in gasoline (idiots) so the petcock filter gets cloged in a few minutes and the carb also. Ill probably bud my own one out of aluminium. The problem is i cant find any info about 320 2005 nor any parts on ebay... any help will be apreciated thanks Luka from slovenija
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