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  1. Ya, I'm not sure if I got lucky or not, But keeping the inside damper from spinning and help with the impact gun on the bottom end.
  2. Got it all done. Just add 297ml pumped damper and it came out right at 65mm air gap. Thanks again, Jeff
  3. Today I put new SKF seals and put it all back together. So now to add fork oil. I decided on Motul 5w. My new dilemma is how much to add. All my manual says is 297 g either side. Looks like most things I see on line are talking air gaps like 65 on rebound side 120 comp. side so different volumes. I'm looking for oil volume on rt side any thoughts on this?
  4. Good news guys I got the bolt off. I bought a good electric impact and held the damper from the inside. Thanks all
  5. It is the rebound side with no spring. I made a tool that I though was stopping the internal damper from spinning and that didn't seem to work. Maybe I'll have time to dig in more over the weekend. Anyway thanks for the responses
  6. Hi all, Jeff here from Randle (Gifford Pinchott). I just bought an used 2019 Bete Evo 300. It had leaky rt fork and I'm trying to put in new seals in it. I'm trying to remove the bolt on the bottom of the fork. With the forks off I used an air impact gun and it loosened it enough for the oil to leak out. Now it just spins and I've researched the internet and cant find what I can do. Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Jeff
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