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  1. It seems its the crank shift seals its just chucked all the gearbox oil out on the floor ?
  2. I have removed the flywheel and the woodruff key was fine. I am going to empty the fuel and re fill with a different oil and new plug ?
  3. Just found inmotion sell them for £10 ?
  4. No I don't have any guage but I will have to find one or make one.Thanks for your help.
  5. Many thanks i will check it tomorrow to see if its moved. Regards
  6. Hi Guys, I hope you can help this newbie. I have just purchased my first classic trials a montesa mh200.. it is in good condition and had a lot of money spent by the previous owner. We took it out yesterday to put it through it paces and although it has started first kick every time up to now it ceased to run mid way through our session. I had a look today and it seems the plug was very wet and not sparking. I cleaned the plug and it briefly fires then its soaking wet again. I have stripped the carb 4 times today to double check there is no blocked jets etc and the float needle seems to be working correctly. I feel it could be ignition related as the spark never looks that strong. The coil looks new as does the points. I also am struggling for info on the net to check stator and coil. Help please.
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