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  1. Thank you for your help Christain. Looks to be 5 or 6 mm clearance there over the clutch studs,so I need to find a 199a case,preferably without the inside boss. Your caseing looks to be a more accurate casting then the earlier 159 case,do they not counter bore the mounting cap heads ?
  2. Hi Christain, can you confirm a 199a clutch cover will fit a 159 crankcase ? As a 199a clutch cover may solve my problem.
  3. Hi Mr.Vintagenut and thank you for supplying the measurements. Can you confirm your 72.02mm. was from the case gasket face to the inner clutch cover to next to the threaded access hole ? My replacement clutch cover measures only 67.1mm and the old damage original clutch cover measures very similar,allowing for the damage caused by the rotation clutch pins. So it appears both my covers are 5mm. too shallow. My clutch shaft top hat spacer looks to be the same height as yours. Problem is what to do now,as I cannot keep buying old clutch covers on the off chance of finding a deeper one ?
  4. Hi Bullylover,it must be something to do with the climate the bike is being exported to 😎 Do you have a measurement for overall length of the threaded pins,as maybe thats the type of hub I nead ?
  5. Hi,comes up as Blog does not exist,any other way to access ?
  6. Lots of different opinions as to type of correct clutch and shaft spacers ! Due to the horrendous amount of damage to the inside of my old clutch case caused by rubbing in a rotary motion and no damage to the ends of the clutch spring mounting studs, or the small 2mm.retaining pins and washers,it appears the clutch centre hub has previously been replaced. As the clutch retaining centre nut and the crankshaft flywheel nut were both only finger tight,when I received the bike,it is possible both crankshaft and gearbox mainshaft spacer collars have been changed. I assume due to age of the bike,no Micro Fiche or part number lists exist ?
  7. Woody can you confirm the measurement from crankcase face,to clutch outer drum inside face,that you said is 15mm. ? Checked mine and got 29mm
  8. If I use the inside face of the flywheel as a fixed datum point,as the flywheel cannot go any further inboard on the crankshaft and only clears the crankcase by maybe 1.5mm. The chain runs inline to the clutch outer basket ok. Yes the clutch pressure plate sits flush with the top of the clutch outer drum fingers,with 12 plates fitted. The measurement you just said,from crankcase face to the clutch drum inside working surface ? of 15 mm. is usefull,I will check it tommorow. Do you have a figure for standard length clutch springs please ?
  9. If I definately have the correct 13mm clutch spacer,the only other way to move the clutch in board would be a narrower clutch basket bearing.But that would make the basket circlip redundant. Are you certain the clutch centre hub you measured,was from a known 159 year 1976,as I think it was only manufactured for 1 year ? Short of useing 6 crankcase gaskets stacked together with 3 Bond,not really good engineering practice,it only leaves shortening the clutch spring pins,which look to be held in place by original welds.
  10. As the pressure plate is positioned flush with top/end of clutch basket,I wonder if 3 balls where necessary as the whole clutch basket is positioned too far to the right ?
  11. I will try just the clutch centre hub ,fitted on its spacer,but no clutch basket.
  12. Certainly is something wrong. Yes the clutch outer,12 plates and clutch cover plate clear ok. The top hat behind the clutch clears the crankcase by maybe 3mm,but does not appear to have been altered ,as it still has the recess for its "O" ring,which seals to the bearing. One maybe relevant thing I noticed;There was a ball bearing under the clutch mushroom, but two more ball bearings came out with the clutch push rod.So 3 ball bearings in total,is that correct ?
  13. Firstly thank you Mr.Woody for supplying all the figures for clutch and spacers. So today measured my parts again and compared them to Woody figures. They were all the same. Then removed crank flywheel and checked its alignement to clutch sprocket,which was good.Flywheel position on crankshaft looked to be correct and could not be further inboard,as it only has minimal clearance to right hand crankcase. Also checked clutch cover mating faces,incase they have been re machined flat.They look to have the original machining pattern. So have eliminated having the wrong parts fitted,but still need to gain maybe 4mm.plus 1mm for clearance=5mm. ?
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