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  1. So an update on this thread. It seems it is the batteries. I used the old 9ah lead acid batteries and there was no issue. Obviously the lithium batteries are better as they run longer and dont allow for a complete drain. Is there something I can install on the system which will stop the peak burst cut out? I have not been able to find a battery that will fit the space with a higher amperage.
  2. Thank you I will look into this. I really appreciate your feedback
  3. Here is the link to the batteries purchased https://bluenova.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/BN13V-8-104Wh.pdf Thanks for your feedback
  4. Hi Thomas Thanks for replying. We recently changed from led acid batteries to lithium batteries as the battery drain was too quick with the led acid batteries. We have bought a smart charger for the lithium batteries so I'm not sure that it is that. With a hour of riding the batteries are only drained about 50%. Thanks for your input though. I appreciate it
  5. We purchased a second hand oset 12.5 for my 3 year old son. It has subsequently developed an issue where is cuts out and we have to turn it off and on to reset the motor when he accelerates hard from a stand still. The bike will not cut out if we hold the back wheel up and accelerate hard so it seems to be a load issue. If we help him accelerate at half throttle the bike runs fine and there is no issue. We have looked at all the wiring and replaced all the fuses on the bike that we can see but the issue persists. Has anyone encountered this issue?
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