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  1. Hi, hope you don’t mind me getting in touch. I’m also new owner of a Dalesman and am at the same stage as you were and need to remove the swing arm pivot spindle. Mine had a large nut threaded on one end ( near side) and I’ve attached a pic of the other end where the rear brake pedal pivots. Any idea how a get the spindle out ? Which side do I drive it from ? Is it threaded in or just a push fit ? 
    Thanks for you help Graeme


  2. Dow

    Dalesman Puch

    Thanks for you encouragement after gnarling up the end with stillsons lots heat and hammering it’s out!! cleaned off the corrosion and it just glides in and out. Grease nipple in the middle of the swinging arm I think. cheers buddy
  3. Dow

    Dalesman Puch

    Thanks Mark I have already tried that and given it some quite heavy persaution but its solid. Then if it is threaded is it left or right because the other end screws into it!!! Thats why I posted but they seem quite scarce, heat might be next Thanks anyway Dow
  4. Just acquired a Dalesman, does anyone know how the swinging arm releases? I have removed the near side but with threaded spindle but the other side won’t budge. Not sure if it’s threaded or just needs a drift to get it out. also does anyone knywhere the frame number is? does anyone have a manual or handbook? thanks Dow
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