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  1. Thank you very much 😊
  2. Would some kind soul like to measure the distance between centres on the 320TL front brake stay (Marzocchi forks) for me please? I've now sourced the proper forks and wheel but need the brake stay yet and thought I would manufacture one myself out of aluminium rather than try to source one.
  3. Woolfie

    1978 frame colour

    That would be good thanks. It's some random 35mm forks that's on the bike but I'm 95% certain it's the original yokes that's on the bike. There's a funny logo on them that I haven't seen before, I'll try to get a pic of it.
  4. Woolfie

    1978 frame colour

    I don't think so. I think the betor forks are the shorter ones and it's the marzocchi's I'm looking for. I'm not 100% sure though?
  5. Woolfie

    1978 frame colour

    Thanks b40rt, yes the frame fits with Martin's description of the 1978 model. The DVLA have the bike registered as being red too although at present it's yellow with home made side panels so someone must've tried to emulate the later look at some point. It was like this when I first owned it although it used to have the proper Marzocchi forks and they've since been swapped for some random forks off a trail bike ? So, currently looking for a pair of forks too... ?
  6. Woolfie

    1978 frame colour

    Newbie here! I've just bought back a 320TL I had 25 years ago and as well as having a bit of fun on it I'm hoping to restore it back to something like it should be (I've already ordered a list of stuff from Martin for a kick off). The main question I have just now is frame colour. The bike is 1978 and was registered with the DVLA in November that year. The frame and engine seem to have been spray painted a very dark brown that looks like black at first glance but underneath is what I assume to be the original black. There is absolutely no hint of there ever being red on the frame. I have seen images online of a very early SWM 320TL brochure where the bike is in the red/white colour scheme but with a black frame so I wondered if mine was from the same era?
  7. Newbie here, joining up to dive into the SWM forum as I've just bought back a 320TL I had 25 years ago! The bike's a runner but will need a lot of TLC to get it back to what it should be.
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