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  1. Thanks Model80, I know, surprised to find that near enough every bolt is available. This won’t be a project for me though unfortunately, I have a couple of projects on the go and these are going to make some much needed room. Do you or anyone else have an idea of value?
  2. Thanks Woody, On the blue one I have found an engine number M-80011** I think that points to a Sherpa T250 (4T Model 1A) if I’m correct? 1971 The frame number on the red one is 80011**(different end digits to blue engine) which points to the same model 1971? This one is also road registered, checked the number plate and is registered 1971
  3. Thanks Woody, I remember that the red one has a number on the stock, I vaguely remember managing to work it out on a Bultaco enthusiasts page where the numbers are listed. The issue was that when I looked up photos of the year and model listed, the looked slightly different. I thought perhaps it had undergone some sort of conversion by kit or what have you. As for the blue one, there are no numbers on the stock. I will have a look for some engine numbers. I was trying to identify it by the nickel frame, and it has the same light weight look tank/seat as the red one. Do you know if this is factory or is it a Miller kit or similar? As someone pointed out, the front end is slightly different on the blue one too. I don’t know if it’s just slightly newer or it’s a special model or something. Could you tell me what exactly the Alpina model is? Was it a separate company that modified from the factory or was it an in-house works model or?
  4. Thanks all. I can’t really claim them as a find, they’ve been in my garage for many years. Looking to sell them on to create some room, I haven’t got around to it yet due to the lack of knowledge/info on them. I’ve put the hours in in google but still none the wiser. I’ll have a look for numbers under the tank on the blue one, thanks. Hiw would I identify the Alpina frame against a regular frame?
  5. Dear Sirs, Some help identifying these machines would be appreciated. I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of it by the frames. The frame number of the red one points to a standard 60’s 250, but when I look at photographs of the bikes around the same year, the frame looks different. The blue one has no frame number that I can find, but looks to be nickel plated.
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