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    Looking to find a rare Minitrials in the US for my daughter pictured, she loves riding and is a huge Jonny Walker fan. If you have a Minitrials that your kids have grown out of or doesn't get ridden enough I'd love to buy it for that sweet girl. Thanks, Nathan

    1,000.00 GBP

  2. New to trials, I have a WR250R I'm looking to dump and get either a xtrainer or trials bike with a seat. I ride withy 3 kids and at the end of the day the wr is a pig at the ohv park. So looking for a lighter bike I can ride and sit and watch the kids on, plus the ohv park is working on a trials section. But I'd like to get another kids bike, we have a ttr50 and a crf110f, I think a beta Minitrials 50 would be a good bike to add and what I'm currently searching for.
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