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  1. On 3/5/2021 at 6:18 PM, woody said:

    You won't get turned away from any trial for having a fibreglass tank. There are new fibreglass tanks still being made and being used on plenty of bikes 

    The law was introduced in 1973 following a road accident when a fibreglass tank spit and caused a fire. Hence all UK trials bikes had an alloy tank from then on to replace the original factory glass tank. It's never been clear as to whether the law was for all bikes or just those registered for the road, but as most trials were road based back then I think they all had their tanks swapped for alloy versions at import. It only applied to fibreglass tanks, doubtful there were any plastic tanks at that time. 1980s bikes were used on the road with their original plastic tanks

    Thanks for the info.

    I've decided to keep one bike with the fibreglass tank as it has now and the other with the Ally tank..

  2. Thanks folks & some good points raised.

    I've road bikes with plastic tanks and have had many enduro bikes with plastic tanks too.

    I was planning to line the fibreglass tanks with something.

    Where could I find a basic ally tank to sit under the shroud?

    I was more concerned that my freshly renovated trials bike wouldn't be allowed to trial if the tank was banned, but looks like that's OK now.

  3. 26 minutes ago, teamferret said:

    No problems with fibre glass tanks in non road events so long they are not leaking

    OK - Thank you.  I think the fibreglass tank is a neater solution assuming it's done well.

  4. I have x2 247 Cotas that I'm restoring.

    1 has the original glass fibre inbuilt tanks and the other an aluminium tank that sits on the frame spine with the fibreglass tank internals removed.

    What is the UK situation with running fibreglass fuel tanks as I believe back in the day they were banned hence why some bikes have ally ones?

    Thanks Folks


  5. 3 hours ago, dr nosh said:


    Are you riding with the Dabbers group (East Anglia)?

    Yes, well that's the plan once COVID has done it's thing and cleared off.

    I did ride with the local Cambridge Matchless club >10 years back, so hoping for something more appropriate.  Having raced enduro for >20 years, thousands of road miles and heaps of track days for me Trials is the real fine art.

    Are you a Dabber?

  6. Thanks. I’m just after what the standard gearing is so number of teeth front and back. 

    mentioned the 520 chain just in save that had an impact on the 9 or 10 On the front. 

    I did look on line and at my dodgy scan of a manual but no joy.  

    it’s a simple enough answer if you know of course.  

  7. On 2/9/2021 at 1:11 AM, happycyd said:

     Trying to bring a 349 back to life !

    I’m looking for crankshaft nuts for both ends - can anyone help with obtaining them - tried most places ( I think )

    it’s driving me nuts ( pardon the pun ).

     All advice welcome .

     Stay safe/ well and sane

     aye hamish

    What's the thread?  Could always turn some up!

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