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  1. - I show 22201-376-000 are the correct plates. - Thank you. Three part numbers. Ordered the 22201376000 and will check the width. 22201286010 22201369000 22201376000 Regards, Dobbin22
  2. 1975 TL250 clutch friction plates - 22201-286-010 and 222-286-000 part numbers. (One part number appears to have replaced the other). I'm replacing the friction plates. The part number I ordered, 22201-286-010 is not as wide as the plates in my clutch. The originals are 11.40mm while the replacement plates (22201-286-010} are 9.30mm Anyone changed out their original friction plates for new ones? And what part number did you use? I can put them in and give them a try, but I'm loosing friction surface. Which will probably translate into less clutch grip. I appreciate some ideas from those who've changed their clutch plates. Thanks. Regards, Dobbin22
  3. Thanks for the replies. As you say it is a heavy bike. So getting the front end up easily makes for good riding.
  4. - Honda 1976 TL250 Trials - new clutch? I've had the bike a few years, but ridden it very little. It came with piston slap, valve problems and other issues. Enough so that power is pretty weak. So I'm overhauling the engine. But because I've ridden it so little I'm not sure about the clutch. Mostly likely I'll just replace it. (The clutch pack was sticking when I purchased the bike). I'd like to hear from an TL250 owner. Seems to me (as the bike is geared so low) that with the clutch out, and enough throttle the front wheel ought to come right off the ground. Sound about right? Thanks, Dobbin22
  5. 1975 Honda TL250 - Where is the best place/manual to find engine torques for engine reassembly? The manual I have is not that specific. The "bolt" torque (e.g., 10mm) is given, but torque by location would be more useful. (Like cylinder-head-to-crankcase bolts). Although, I can get by with the manual I have. Thanks.
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