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  1. Mongo

    M10 Restoration

    Great, I will look into it today. Mark
  2. Mongo

    M10 Restoration

    Ok will do, thanks for the heads up, I'm very keen on getting this restoration absolutely as perfect as possible though so was really hoping to get the original paint code, thanks, Mongo.
  3. Mongo

    M10 Restoration

    Hi Thanks for letting me in. I have a Bultaco M10 in great condition which has been in dry storage for approximately 40 years in Guernsey and now in the UK. The engine is in the frame but everything else is bubble wrapped in a couple boxes ready to go. I'm going to start the restoration very soon and I wondered if someone knows the paint code for the frame, I originally had the frame powdercoated in grey but now realise how stupid i was in doing so, i intend getting it stripped and sprayed properly. Thanks Mark
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