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  1. Corny

    Pre-mix Ratios

    Thanks everyone for your help. 40/1 it is then! Cheers.
  2. Corny

    Pre-mix Ratios

    I'm sure this has been asked loads of times, but, what petrol/ 2t oil ratio should I use on my Sherpa 250 (1979)? People are telling me I dont need to use anywhere near as much as years ago because 2t oil is so much better these days. Does 40/1 sound sensible? Any guidance appreciated, thanks.
  3. Corny


    Thanks all for the ideas. I will certainly check-out Blaze Fell and Roundthwaite is about a mile from where I work so no excuses not to at least spectate - entry depends on getting my bike properly fettled by then! Thanks again.
  4. Corny


    Thanks b40rt, I will get in touch.
  5. Corny


    Hi, A couple of weeks ago I bought a 1979 Bultaco Sherpa 250, really nice bike and restored by its former keeper. I have pretty much zero trialing experience although I have been riding bikes for around 35 years (probably a familiar tale!). Eventually I would like to enter some novice twin shock events if I can get my skill level beyond hopeless and the bike set up right! Anyway, i'm based in Cumbria near to Kirkby Stephen, are there any local clubs anyone can recommend? Cheers.
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