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  1. I've made contact with Scorpa's alive - he's away at the moment but sure he has a few so he will check upon his return next week! Thanks for the help chaps. :)
  2. Thanks chaps that's useful. I will take a look. Shaun.
  3. Hi Folks My son's SY250 needs a new carb as someone has butchered the internals of the original one! (They've broken the float mount on the carb base and bent the float pin at the same time! = NOT ME I might add! and in addition the floats themselves are starting to break up) Anyhow, searching various sites such as Ebay and Trials and tribulations etc is proving frustrating as I can't find any replacement for the TK carb. Is there another source for a carb or does anyone know what else will fit these 2003 models? Thanks in advance Shaun.
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